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Processes and techniques for the implantation

There are several implantation techniques as well as different accesses to the place where the prosthesis will be placed. We’ll choose one or another attending to the individual characteristics of every patient. The surgical intervention normally lasts one hour, and we use local anesthesia under sedation.

Dr. Natalio Cruz (The prestigious Dr. Natalio Cruz, National Coordinator of Andrology of the Spanish Association of Urology and Head of Medical Services of Andromedi) always leads the intervention himself. He makes one or more cuts in the tissue in order to introduce the penile implant. This cut can be made in the lower part of the penis, next to the abdomen or between the penis and the scrotum.

As we have previously said, in our clinic, we prevent infections by fulfilling a decalogue of preventive actions that guarantee excellent and high levels of security.

Previous care of cutaneous surface attached to the intervention area shaving at the very moment of the intervention, in the operating room, with specific tools

  • per-intervention antibiotic prophylaxis
  • deep surgical wash
  • all staff use double gloves.
  • limited access to the operating room
  • we dispense with unnecesary tools (as urethral catheters)
  • specific post-intervention treatment
  • local antibiotic treatment of the prostheses (rifampicin)
  • exclusive use of prostheses such as Coloplast Titán or AMS 700, treated with inhibiZone (hydrophilic and antibiotic)

Secondary surgeries or reconstruction surgeries, that is to say, interventions for patients that come from other centers that need to replace or remove their prostheses, have breakages as the most usual complications such as distal perforations, infections, fibrosis, complications after priapism, etc. In these cases, we usually use the sub-pubic or sub-coronal.

It’s important to say that less than 2% of the cases present any problem, which means that the increases in quality and safety standards have reduced considerably the setbacks.

The postoperative care after penile prosthesis surgery does not require any special care except standard rest and curing of the surgical wound. Patients can leave the clinic after 24 hours except in those cases that present a specific risk factor. In these cases, we recommend that they stay between 24 to 48 hours.

After four or five weeks of adapting to the implant and after a medical visit to check the proper activation and deactivation of the penile prosthesis, you can reactivate your sexual life.

The following video shows the implantation of a penile prosthesis in a case that required a parallel surgery of the urinary sphincter.

This video contains some graphic content.


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