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Tips and practical steps to follow in order to get a full recovery

You must fast (no food or water for 6 hours after the operation. Patients are usually discharged between 12 to 24 hours after the operation, and after the evaluation of Dr. Natalio Cruz. However, certain cases are recommended to wait up to 48 hours before leaving the clinic, such as patients who are diabetic.

You can restart your sexual life after 4 or 5 weeks, during which you have taken analgesic and healing treatments.

Only following strict control over your habits during the postoperative period can we guarantee a total recovery of the patient after the operation.

Care and adaptation

One of the biggest setbacks associated with the prosthesis implant is infection, which means it needs to be removed. However, the risk is minimal, practically nonexistent in ASM and Coloplast prostheses.
ASM prostheses have the Inhibizone impregnation system, so they include an antibiotic bath. Coloplast has a hydrophilic material, which allows the surgeon to bathe the prosthesis in a physiological solution with the antibiotic he chooses.

All this, in addition to a decalogue of preoperative preventive actions, are the reason why infections intraoperative and postoperative are minimal.
Unlike prostheses in other parts of the human body, there is no rejection of the penile prosthesis
It is crucial to have a quiet life for two weeks after the surgery. Avoid any kind of stress and eat healthy.

It is crucial to have a quiet life for two weeks after the surgery. Avoid any kind of stress and eat healthy.
It’s important to keep the penis tucked touching the belly for the first weeks for correct lymphatic drainage and to prevent inflammation.

Follow up:

Please, avoid wearing jeans and tight clothes for the first few months. You must also attend every appointment with Dr. Natalio Cruz, normally around 8 to 15 days after the implantation, as well as a month to 45 days after the implantation, depending on the personal state of each patient their evolution.
If the patient feels any pain several weeks after the surgery, he can choose between several ways to alleviate it. During the process of regeneration and healing, scrotal supports are usually very effective if you want to avoid taking painkillers.

Feel free to ask us any questions about the adaptation process. Please note that there are always some tricks and tips that can make this recovery process much easier.

Healing the wounds:

You must always keep the bandage clean and dry. Once you’re allowed to have a bath, you must change the bandage and use a new one. You can wash the wounds carefully using water and soap.

Siguiendo estas indicaciones y recomendaciones la vida sexual del paciente mejorará enormemente

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