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Frequently asked questions by our patients.

Will my penis be longer or shorter after the implant?

There are different sizes of implants for every kind of penis. Also, there are supplements to make the size more precise. The penis should keep the same size, or if it gets longer, it’s normally imperceptible. In fact, there are some essays about that.

How much is it? How much does the whole treatment cost?

We know that our patients are searching for a quick number to have a general idea. But in the Andomedi Clinic, we believe that to give a general price approximation makes no sense as every case is different (the price can be increased or decreased as we find out what exactly your case would include). Every case and every patient is different so there exist multiple variables that affect a clear response about the price of the treatment. It depends on the kind of prosthesis, its size, if there are other problems or interventions necessary, etc. Although it would be easier to put a “one size fits all” answer here, we believe in the practice of medicine, including the economic factor that it would be more humane, more personal, and more ethical to talk directly to the patient giving him a personal quote. 

You can ask for a price quote in the contact section, or by emailing We’ll be glad to help you and give you back your sexual life.

Do you work with any health insurance?

Spanish Social Security only covers this treatment in some specific cases and only in certain autonomous communities. Ideally, you should solicit information locally to check if you are eligible for this type of coverage. 

Regarding health care insurance, our Seville Clinic is 100% independent and we don’t work with any health care providers.

Can people in street or on the beach see that I have an implant?

Yes, our financial entity studies every case and they approve financing if minimum requirements are met. Although we do not normally allow financing if you aren’t eligible for financing, we can look for a solution and try to reach an agreement to help you get your sexual life back. If you need more information about financing, click the following link.

Can people in street or on the beach see that I have an implant?

Hydraulic implants can be activated and deactivated by the patient, so people won’t notice it. Malleable implants, nonetheless, make the penis always erect, so it could be more visible.

Do the implants affect sensitivity, sexual desire, or libido? 

The implants don’t create a lack of sensitivity, but it doesn’t respond to sexual stimulation because it’s a mechanic way to have an erection. Now, once the dysfunction is solved, the patient feels more confident and his sexual desire can be increased.

How long does it work? Do I have to replace it?

It can last more than 20 years, and as our patients usually are older, they never need to replace it. Younger patients can have up to 2 implants in their lives. If the implant suffers normal wear and tear, the implant can be replaced for free.  

Can I have children? 

This treatment preserves the patient’s fertility. It doesn’t affect sperm production. The penile prosthesis makes the patient have a more satisfactory ejaculation. If the patient is fertile, he can have children.

Are there any problems or risks when having sexual relations?

No, at least none apart from a natural erection. There exists, of course, an adaptation period similar to those that use a dental prosthesis or hip prosthesis. The prosthesis (also known as an orthopedic penis) makes a rigid erection possible to engage in the great majority of sexual positions and does not impede any type of capacity to have an orgasm or ejaculate.

I’m afraid of pain during or after the surgery.

Do not be afraid at all. There is some moderate pain from the incisions from the surgery that can be treated with painkillers. One month after the surgery, the pain practically disappears.

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  • geary 1 YEAR AGO

    l also had hernia surgery about 14 years ago (lower ) and have CLL for last 12 years, no treatments yet, have had 2 blood clots, take Eloquist now.

    • Clínica Andromedi 1 YEAR AGO

      Hey Geary, at first look, those health problems are not a problem to be implanted with a prosthesis. Did you receive our contact weeks ago with detailed prices?

  • geary 1 YEAR AGO

    i have CLL, no treatment last 11 years, blood thinner med., want to keep foreskin, and im a grower penis, can i still get a 3-piece implant, im 72 years old also, have HUMANA insurance. thank you

    • Clínica Andromedi 1 YEAR AGO

      Hello Geary. Yes, of course, the foreskin can be kept, and no difference being "grower" or "shower", the implant works in any case. We can send you detailed information about procedures and prices, please check your email inbox in the following hours, thanks for contacting Andromedi.

  • Paul 2 YEARS AGO

    Is it possible to have a rough estimate please? Thanks

    • Clínica Andromedi 2 YEARS AGO

      Hello Paul, yes, of course, we´ll answer you by email, privately, about the price and procedures, thanks for reaching us.