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There are several kinds of penile prostheses with their advantages and disadvantages.

Once the implant surgery of the penile prosthesis has been diagnosed and evaluated, we can talk about two kinds of penile prostheses based on their construction:

Malleable penile prosthesis or semi-rigid implants:


This penile prosthesis is partially rigid, it usually has a metallic braid of silver and copper alloy inside, so it’s flexible enough to be manipulated by the patient to place erect, or tucked down.

The implant (also known as an orthopedic penis) is made up of two silicone or biaflex cylinders or containers which are inserted in the place of the corpora cavernosa.


  • They produce lasting and satisfying erections.
  • They are the most economical prosthesis in the market.
  • They are very easy to manipulate by flexing the penis in the desired direction.
  • It’s a very simple surgery.


       x – It always maintains the same rigidity. Only the downward position allows a state of flaccidity.

       x – It’s less easy to hide in a state of flaccidity due to the rigidity.

Hydraulic penile prosthesis / inflatable with two or three components:


In recent years, three-component prostheses are more used than two-component prostheses. Three component prostheses are made up by two silicone or biaflex cylinders or containers and a pump that can be manipulated according to the needs of the patient. This is introduced into the pubic area (or abdomen) creating a reservoir full of a saline solution (liquid storage), in order to send the liquid from that small pump to the cylinders and vice versa.


  • They produce lasting and satisfying erections.
  • The patient can manipulate the flaccidity and stiffness of the penis with a button that controls the erection.
  • It’s easy to hide in a state of flaccidity.
  • They are the prostheses that most resemble a natural erection.

x – It’s a little less economical prosthesis.

x – Their use is a little more complicated, but they are still easy to use.

x  – Surgery is slightly more complex.

Brand and models Andromedi Clinic works with.

For each type of prosthesis, brand and model there is a complete catalog of different measures, both in length and thickness, to adapt ecah patient´s size. We seek to adapt the final result to the the natural erection in normal conditions the patien would have. We can not go bigger or shorter, because problems could appear. It should fit perfectly.

After several years of experience in penile implant surgery, we have chosen very carefully the most reliable brands and models. It’s important to note that we only work with brands that give a lifetime warranty and that they assume the replacement of the prostheses if needed (as long as, of course, it has not been misused).

These are the two principal prostheses we work with:

The trend in R & D (research and development) in the sector is framed in a search for improvement of filling pumps, techniques to allow reservoirs to be placed in other ways than in the abdominal and in (electronic) simpler activation methods.

The decision to implant one prosthesis or another will basically depend on the economic possibilities of the patient

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