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Our Center is internationally chosen by hundreds of patients per year.

The Andromedi Clinic of Seville, an unbeatable option for several reasons

Doing a quick search on the Internet, it is easy to see that there are not too many centers specialized in this treatment. Canada, Japan, Germany … are the countries where penile implantation has traditionally been offered with greater guarantees. It is not surprising because these countries have historically had more advanced medical systems being at the forefront of R & D in techniques or materials.

That is why for many people it is a great opportunity to have the possibility of being intervened in Spain (where the costs of surgery or material are lower) by the Dr. Natalio Cruz, one of the world’s leading eminences in this field of medicine </ strong>, with hundreds of successful operations over the last decade, being one of the most demanded speakers in international courses and congresses.

Thousands of patients are those who have traveled from outside our borders to put themselves in the hands of the expert medical team of Andromedi, with the purpose of enjoying their sexual life again thanks to the penile prosthesis. Russia, Qatar, the United States, China, France, UK, USA, Chile … the list of nationalities that have visited us is extensive. They are all looking for the same: maximum reliability, safety and quality … at a competitive price and with financing possibilities month after month.

Planning the trip

We are used to thinking about you: your needs, your fears, your doubts and your problems. We could not prepare an intervention with patients from other continents in any other way than by putting ourselves on their side at every point in the process. Needs more information? Is there something that worries you and is not yet fully convinced? Do not hesitate, write us without commitment through our contact page. We would like to be able help you, and most importantly, we know how to help you.

The Colón15 Medical Center, where the main Andromedi practice is currently located, is located in Seville (Spain), one of the most beautiful and tourist cities in Europe, chosen multiple times with the award of ” best city of the world to visit “

The San Pablo-Sevilla Airport maintains direct air connections with 52 different destinations, being able to make an international stopover with Madrid or Barcelona if necessary. In turn, the High Speed ​​train is a cheap and agile way to move around the interior of the country, connecting the most important cities in a matter of hours.

It is not surprising, therefore, that many of these patients choose to take their vacations with a double purpose: to be able to visit a unique enclave and to be surgically treated by one of the largest penile implant specialists in the world.

There are other occasions, in which if the patient requires it for work or personal reasons, we also have a special protocol of “rapid intervention” in which we minimize deadlines and procedures, which includes the following points :

  • Pre-consultation by mail, telephone or video call the weeks prior to the trip, in order to gather all available medical documentation and plan the intervention.
  • Provide service and help on the ground with the transfer and stay in our city, for which we have tourism partners associated with our center.
  • Extensive and complete prior consultation (in person) the day before the intervention, to leave all the details of the case ready.
  • Intervention with 24-hour hospital admission.
  • Final review and return trip.

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